“Together, ensuring Legal Certainty for Everyone in Suriname”

Together, ensuring Legal Certainty for Everyone in Suriname”
Since 2009, STAS International has been involved as contractor of the Government of Suriname in the start-up of the national awareness campaign regarding the land rights for Indigenous and Tribal People.
The event, organized by STAS in 2009, has permanently put this issue on the map nationwide. In 2015 and more recently in 2019, the Government of Suriname started addressing the land rights issues again, whereby the house styles developed by STAS have been used. Now that the “Collective Rights Act” will finally be concluded, STAS has been approached by the Association of Indigenous Village Leaders in Suriname (VIDS) to finalize the national awareness campaign that STAS created in 2019 regarding the Indigenous and Tribal People. The target group: politicians in general and policy makers in particular.

Using its skills as a communication expert, STAS has established an extensive communication strategy that is expected to lead to the successful implementation of the aforementioned Act in The National Assembly. In addition to the production and strategy, STAS International is responsible for the coordination and implementation of this communication process.