Pink Ribbon


When positioning the “Pink Ribbon Foundation in Suriname” the objective was to create national awareness around breast cancer in Suriname. Through the production of the first concept, supported by Lucia Rijker as “fighter for our health”, the foundation was laid for a major national campaign. At the start of Pink Ribbon in Suriname, branding was also included in the support received by the Government of Suriname by shining pink spotlights on different government buildings, such as the buildings of the Ministry of Health, the Cabinet of the President and The National Assembly. The Private Sector, including Kersten and Lucky Store, also participated in this national awareness campaign.
The campaign “Breast Cancer, Beat It”, developed by Stas International and the production of the closing event with around 15,000 people who formed a “live Pink Ribbon” on the Independence Square on 8 March 2012 have become the most sensational components of strategic communication and branding activities of a non-corporate issue ( Major follow-up events such as the Pink Ribbon Jandino show, and different local campaigns were all supported by STAS International or part of the STAS International Production.